Groups request DPS hit pause on SPF changes

Published: April 20, 2020

Community Identifies Need

Parents concerned about the quality of their children’s schools were surprised to see the Quality Schools Task Force forge ahead with plans to abandon the DPS SPF ratings and adopt the state performance framework, even as families were challenged to weigh in during the COVID 19 pandemic. The Quality Schools Task Force continued to hold meetings in March and April (both virtual) to move the work forward. 

Partner Response

A broad-based coalition of community groups and schools led by Stand for Children asked the task force and Board of Education to hit pause until the pandemic abates. Read the letter sent to the Board here.  Hear directly from parents who have been engaged in this work for months in this video .


The Board of Education will hold a special public comment session about the proposed changes to the SPF on May 18. The seven-member board is scheduled to vote on the recommendations on June 11.