Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles


Advance racial equity and ensure all Denver students succeed academically and professionally. 


Equitable, accountable, responsive Denver schools where students of all races and incomes succeed. 

Guiding Principles

Prioritizing Racial Equity
Success must be measured by what is achieved for all students, especially Black, Latinx and Indigenous students that have been historically underserved in public education. 

Strength in Lived Experience
Students, families and communities bring lived experiences, cultural perspectives, and knowledge that improve public education.   

Community Partnership
We must hear from often unheard voices of students, families, and educators to guide decision-making.

Mutual Relationships
Relationships should offer meaningful value in both directions, whether it’s between communities and schools or between funders and grantees.   

Collaboration Across Difference
To create lasting change, leaders in public education must work together with people who have different perspectives.

Continuous Innovation
We must develop, evaluate, and adapt brave new ideas to significantly expand access to high quality education and advance racial equity.