Published: May 30, 2020

Community Identifies Need

A 2014 report by the Colorado Department of Higher Education found that the remediation rate for African American students at the state’s four-year institutions was 55.2% compared to remediation rates for whites of 18.5%. 

Partner Response

FaithBridge founders grew up in Denver and appreciate the power of churches to mobilize for change.  Their website states, “When we operate as a collective, we are positioned to shift the paradigm of possibilities expeditiously for every child.” The strength of FaithBridge flows from the ability of the Faith community to unite around a single cause, with a single focus and a single voice—to ensure every child in Denver can get a high-quality education without restrictions or limitations of any kind.


FaithBridge is rising as a prominent voice for children, advocating to unleash the brilliance in every child, insisting that young people must be heard as they articulate their desires for better.  See the FaithBridge mission video here, and work to support families during the pandemic here.  FaithBridge has also worked to support school leaders in their efforts to lift up students and their accomplishments, despite the challenges of the pandemic.  See coverage of the extraordinary graduation ceremony for the Noel Community Arts School Class of 2020 on CBS4 School & Principal Rally Around Graduating Class and 9News School Gets Creative to Celebrate Grads.