Published: April 22, 2020

Community identifies need

The November 2019 election yielded a ‘flipped’ school board, with three new members skeptical of the direction the district had taken under its two previous superintendents, Tom Boasberg and Michael Bennet. While new ideas and open-mindedness are always important, many Denverites worry that the new board might undo tangible progress, and make changes detrimental to the most vulnerable DPS students.

Partner Response

Boardhawk has launched a new independent website dedicated to community-based commentary and advocacy-focused coverage of Denver Public Schools and its recently reconfigured Board of Education. Boardhawk will feature a variety of voices from the community, many from partner organizations including Transform Education Now, FaithBridge, the Luminary Learning Network, and the Northeast Denver Innovation Zone.  The platform will call out what it believes to be flawed decisions and also offer praise when it is merited. Boardhawk commentary and reporting will always be fact-based. But it will come from a distinctive point of view. 


Boardhawk acts as a monitoring service in this era of upheaval. RootED is the primary funder of Boardhawk, though it exerts no control over content. Watch for updates the impact of Boardhawk in the coming months